About Us

Who are Amberley Garden Services?

We are a young progressive company, a newly formed professional group of skilled horticulturists focused on re-creating nature in a way that aesthetically improves the value of a client’s property and surrounds retaining a high standard of showmanship.


– If we look to the c17 & c18, gardens were a sign of opulence and grandeur, a way of showing people how highly regarded in society you were. Hatfield House is a prime example of this, John Tradescant travelled throughout Europe and Russia looking for rare and new plants that Robert Cecil, the then 1st prime-minister of England could show off to King James the 1st when he visited (peaches first displayed at Hatfield House)

We are actively engaged with training providers and young people to encourage employment in the horticulture sector where there is a national shortage of skilled staff with necessary skills to maintain high horticultural standards. Amberley Garden Services is a business that retains and rewards staff through training and promotional incentives within the business and we have great relationships with horticultural lecturers and professional horticulturists, tree surgeons, garden designers and BALI award winning landscapers and are members of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture.


Why choose Amberley Garden Services?

Our aim is not only in maintaining the landscape to a high standard but to also find solutions to help with training of staff internally. We can consult with you to create a management plan highlighting time efficient ways to ensure that every area of the landscape is maintained and/or developed to its full potential reducing maintenance using specific plants to prevent weeds.


– Professional horticultural consultancy and estate/land management for commercial and residential premises specialists in the areas of design, maintenance and re-creation of grade 2 listed and heritage gardens.

There are many properties out there that deserve the respect of a quality gardener however over time professionally skilled horticulturists have become as rare as some of the plants they grow. There are many gardening services/companies that do not have the necessary knowledge to manage all the requirements of their clients effectively.

– Experience in horticultural maintenance and the management of specialist ornamental gardens creating/retaining the highest standards expected to compliment the aesthetic qualities and value of the property it helps enrich.

Amberley Garden Services focuses its attentions towards ornamental borders with perennial plants that sometimes need encouragement to offer the most exciting flowers and fruit. We can maintain soft fruit, vegetables, roses, grasses and we also find great interest in poly-tunnel food production and plant propagation.

– Personnel skilled in plant physiology and soil science with knowledge and experience in the monitoring of and treatment of pests and disease to increase eco service provision and improve local biodiversity in the surrounding environment

All personnel at Amberley Garden Services have an understanding of soil science and plant physiology which enables us to understand why a plant could be suffering, whether through pests, disease, or lack of nutrients. We can correct these elements to improve the condition and then monitor by continuously recording data analysing any changes due to regular interaction.

– A constant approach to internal training and personal development employing professionally qualified staff also teaching trainees via an ongoing programme of work based learning involving external assesors and/or training providers to produce the highest skills necessary to achieve quality standards of horticultural care for our clients.

Horticulture is a skill that surprisingly requires a lot of knowledge and at Amberley Garden Services we understand the need to have fully skilled staff to deliver the highest standards of plant care and estate management. In effect this contributes to an improvement on the long standing aesthetic value expected at prestige properties where long term maintenance is required at the highest standards.

– A modern business approach focused on improving opportunities for young people to forge a career in horticulture via apprenticeships and work based learning guided by experts in an industry that has a recognised shortage of skilled labour in the designated field.

It is widely accepted that presently the horticulture industry is struggling to encourage young people into the profession due to long term publicity indicating that the work is at best ‘menial labour’ and noticeably, when horticulture is studied at college there is minimal time available for work based learning. Here at Amberley Garden Services we have employed young people giving them the opportunity to train in the environment they will be working in whilst being assessed by external training providers and awarded qualifications on completion of their course.

– An environmentally aware business focused on ethical sourcing of products and materials with a natural respect towards plants and wildlife and a focus on organic solutions towards treatment of pests and disease.

When conducting any sort of improvement or re-creation of a garden we consider the effect this has on the environment sourcing any plants or materials as locally as possible in order to minimise our carbon footprint with a focus towards improving local biodiversity. Primarily we use natural plant based products to fight plant pests and disease monitoring the effects and recording information to assess if there is anything we can do differently. We can reduce/eliminate the effects of aphids, treat long term diseases such as canker, and prevent most issues simply by good housekeeping and removing weeds that act as host plants for pests on a regular basis.

– Knowledge of plant classification (binomial nomenclature) and an understanding of plants in their habitat leading to informed decision making regarding specifically timed maintenance to protect a plants ability to produce flowers and fruit.

In order to understand if a plant will grow where it is situated first you must know what it is called and all professionals in horticulture rely on plant classification and recognise a plant by its features. Here at Amberley Garden Services we are constantly improving our knowledge of plants and through identification understand how to get the best out of a plant whether it is producing fruit or flowers. Plants have preference to light, soil-type, habitat and it is important to gve the plants what they need.

 – Network of quality contacts comprising award winning garden designers, specialist wholesalers and growers, groundwork specialists, agronomists, material providers, research scientists and training providers.

We draw upon the knowledge of many people who specialise in their particular fields whether this is in relation to supplying quality plants at wholesale prices, or with designers creating garden plans, or with training providers and assessors in improving our staff.

If we can help you in any way please do not hesitate to contact us,

Many thanks

Paul Cramp MCI Hort & FdSc Hort


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